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  • Dates: 12th till 13th of April
  • Location: Pointe Aux Sables, Mauritius
  • Theme: Preparation for the Youth Volunteer Coordinators Training in Nigeria

The Fondation Georges Charles that focus mainly on training and education for some seventy children and adults is situated on the western coast of Mauritius. A Craft Outlet is being completed shortly. The main objective was to create a "Nature Corner" for the children and young adults with mobility impairments. The introduction of the Nature Corner with medicinal plants, fruit trees, decorative and vegetables crops will greatly contribute to the well-being of all those attending the Institution. The Climate for Peace Guidelines will surely help in future to improve the techniques of composting demonstrated for the first time in a work-camp. As such, it sensitise all parties concerned not to hurt both the environment and ourselves. Between 30th October to 2 November, a bicycle tour "SVI Caravane for Climate Justice" will expose the work carried out at the Fondation Georges Charles in the villages that will be visited during the itinerary.

This local voluntary action takes place with the support of the Youth in Action programme of the European Union.

  • Code on UG-UPA 4
  • Dates: 19th till 30th of May
  • Location: Kakunyu village, Bukomero sub county in Kiboga District
  • Theme: Environment protection

The Host Community Bukomero community is mainly rural with majority of its population engaging in agriculture, pastoral activities, small-scale trading and transport business. It’s mainly covered with rocky uplands/hills that are bare and infertile. Therefore most economic activities are carried out in the lower plains. A good number of this population is still peasant farmers with low income and mainly dependant on nature for survival. The area has got one public health center and one public secondary school as well as primary. Type of work: planting of trees and food crops; land preparation; study lecture with workcampers on environmental background, climate situation in the area, waste management and related health issues; approaches to address the related problems, meeting with the Town Council authorities to develop a plan on how to manage environmental issues in the area; study visit on environmental issues with the workcampers and key Town Council personnel in the local community; school visits to promote a climate for peace amongst the students/pupils; community mobilization through the local radio, community sensitization through a gathering; presentation from the Town Council; presentation from the agricultural officer about food security, sharing through the workcampers, discussion with community members

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