Hermes Black Togo Birkin 35CM MM

Finally, I get to tell this story that I’ve been itching to tell you all for quite some time.

Last July, one of our own baghags JS, was given money to buy herself a Hermes birkin as a “birthing” present (she has a very cool DH, I’m telling ya). She consulted me on the matter, and I had informed her that a new Hermes birkin at the boutique, if she can get one, would cost her roughly US$8, 200. Resale boutiques would put a premium on it and sell it for more (Milan Station in HK sells Hermes birkins at a starting amount of US$10, 000. That’s the way it goes.)

Anyway, I can relate with her on this, because like me, she has no patience to wait (heck, we all don’t!). So she scoured the internet to find some reputable reseller, and apparently she had found one. The company name? Haley’s Couture (website addresses are:). The website looks good. And it also says that the owner of the site and the company, Roslynn N. Gaiter Matthew, has just released a book about Hermes birkins called “Handbag of the Fabulous“.

Being on the mailing list of this company, we received a promotional email that advertised a pre-owned mint condition Hermes 35cm birkin in black for only US$6, 700. Now, I told her if that birkin was real, it would be a steal. Because I had purchased a black birkin at Hermes Texas recently and had paid well over $8, 000 for it (and that didn’t even include shipping fees yet!). Having asked for my opinion about the bag, I told her that the site seemed reputable (after all, the owner did write a book about the bag, so I mean, what are the chances of that company selling a fake, right?).

So, the bag was purchased and shipped to our very own country. When it arrived, I saw the bag and it was to me, clearly a fake Hermes birkin. Could this company have sold us a fake Hermes birkin, while knowing fully well what fakes would look like (author wrote an entire segment about fake Hermes birkins in her book)? I pondered hard over this– and honestly, I was dumbfounded.

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Hermes Birkin Bag - Blue -
Hermes Birkin Bag - Blue -
Cheap Hermes Birkin replica 35cm
Cheap Hermes Birkin replica 35cm
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