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A statue of Libyan revolutionary Muammmar Kadhafi is seen near where a statue of Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore once stood at Bobo Dioulasso on October 31, 2014. Old networks often influence exile destinations. (AFP Photo/Sebastien Rieussec).TRANSITIONAL leaders in Burkina Faso have agreed on a new government to guide the country to elections next year, with several key cabinet posts allocated to the military.

The cabinet list was agreed less than one week after longtime diplomat Michel Kafando was officially sworn in as president. Kafando will also serve as minister of foreign affairs. Of the 26 posts available, the army claimed six, including mines, communications and the interior ministry. Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Yacouba Zida, who initially took control of the west African country, will head the defence ministry in addition being Prime Minister.

Events are moving so fast in Burkina Faso, it would seem the country is beginning to forget its deposed Blaise Compaore who ruled it for 27 year until he provoked an popular that led to his removal from office at the end of October with an attempt to amend the constitution and extend his rule.

The one sign of trouble for Compaore came when the interim president said on Friday he will allow investigations to be conducted on the remains of Captain Thomas Sankara, “the Che Guevara of Africa”, the country’s former president whose death nearly 30 years ago during a coup has never been fully explained, although Compaore has been linked to the plot that assassinated him.

Last week Compaore arrived in Morocco from Cote d’Ivoire, where he has been in exile since his ouster in a popular revolt last month, taking advantage of strong ties with the North African country to look for a new place to rest his weary soul.

Compaore, 63, arrived with five other people for a “fixed-term visit, ” the Moroccan foreign ministry said in a statement via the official MAP news agency, but did not mention any time-frame.

“The kingdom of Morocco, which has strong historic, human and political links with Burkina Faso, reiterated its support for the process of transition in the country, ” the statement said.

Compaore fled to Cote d’Ivoire on October 31 at the invitation of close ally President Alassane Ouattara after he was ousted through a popular uprising.

But Compaore’s presence angered supporters of former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo, who see him as being behind a failed 2002 coup seeking to depose him, and that plunged Cote d’Ivoire into nearly a decade of conflict.

He had been together with his entourage been staying in a walled villa in Yamoussoukro, the country’s political capital.

A source in the Ivorian president’s office said that on Thursday, Compaore, his wife Chantal and family members boarded a specially chartered plane for Morocco.

Compaore’s presence in Morocco continues along a beaten path popular with ousted leaders in sub-Saharan Africa, and yet again raised the question of which destinations on the continent are favourite with deposed strongmen.

Where they hide

North Africa’s most westerly country has in the past hosted deposed Congolese leader Mobutu Sese Seko who fled there in 1997, after a 31-year rule that has spawned volumes of books.

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