Kara Togo Market

Chickens, dogs and goats roam freely everywhere. Pets are uncommon as everything is potential dinner. (see thanksgiving dinner at Jon's)

Went to market and watched butcher preparing unidentifiable meat for sale. Did buy some vegitables and some cloth to have clothes made to bring home. White people are an attraction and little children are either drawn to you or frightened because you are different. Brought back memories of Nam, as children are alike all over the world. Reminded me of why I like children more than adults.Isabelle shopping for apples. Should mention that she received two proposals for marriage before we got to Kara and by the time we left Africa we had lost count (at least twenty). We had to tactfully tell those interested that she had to go back home to her father in America and was not available for marriage yet.This is an iron in one of the tailor shops at the market. Hot coals provide the heat. Most sewing machines are old treadle Singers and the finished work is better than most in the states.
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