FitEar ToGo 334 for Sale

Best In-Ear Headphone in the World: The FitEar ToGo 334Made in Japan in limited quantities, the FitEar ToGo 334 is an astonishing achievement. It’s the best there is.

All of the best sounding in-ear headphones I’ve tested over the years have been custom-molded to my ears models. Prices vary, but the $399 UE-4 was the least expensive, and most of the top-of-the-line models are more than $1, 000. Those prices don’t include the fee the audiologist charges to make molds of your ear canals, and the fees add $100 to the price of the headphones. Customs ensure a perfect fit, and the best isolation from external noise. Plus they can’t fall out of your ears,

The FitEar ToGo 334 in-ear headphone is made in Japan in very limited quantities and sells for $1, 349 in the U.S., but it’s not custom and fits anyone’s ears, so you save on molding fees. The headphone’s four balanced armature drivers (one bass, two midrange, one treble) are custom-made for FitEar. Most universal fit in-ear headphones push all the sound through just one port (hole), the 334 has a specially tuned system with separate ports for each frequency range. Each 334 earpiece is made by hand. The company tried to automate the process, but FitEar couldn’t find a way to make the same design as small as the hand-built version. It’s a labor-intensive process; each earpiece takes many hours to build.

The 334’s sound is the best I’ve heard from an in-ear headphone of any type; the clarity and detail are extraordinary. Compared with a perfectly good $300 in-ear, like the Monster Turbine Copper, the 334 is dramatically more alive and realistic sounding. The music’s dynamic contrasts are more vivid. When switching back to the Copper, the sound is blah, but I never felt the 334 sounded hyped or overly bright. Fit is good, and isolation from external noise was average for a universal fit headphone.

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