Jeunes Verts Togo

The Jeunes Verts Togo are a youth association created in December 2009 with currently more than 500 members (students, youths, and women from the villages).

Esso-kl’nam Pedessi, Project Leader, is enthusiastic about our solar project: "We love the idea of free construction guides and it would be so great to provide an efficient solar equipment at lower prices to vulnerable and poor populations."

With his team, they work for a general awareness on the relationship of young people and women, and their environment, the need to act for actual preservation and protection of this fragile environment, the duty to protect the environment against any kind of abuse of the international financial and political sphere. It seeks to take concrete action towards disadvantaged groups, for greater awareness of them and to be better for these populations so that they can more easily participate in efforts to protect the environment. The Young Greens - Togo seek to spread awareness in the public on major social, ecological and environmental issues, to promote inter and intra-generational equity, strengthen the capacity of various segments of the population in decision-making for sustainable development.

The association puts also the emphasis on alternatives such as permaculture, organic farming and they seek to develop and democratize renewable energy alternatives and new technologies. Additionally and with a beautiful coherence, the Young Greens Togo seek to work together with communities to preserve their land and their sociocultural fabrics; the organization opposes any form of land grabbing for commercial purposes, and intends to take action against such practices to protect sovereignty. The Young Greens also oppose any move to grab traditional ancestral knowledge by the mechanisms of patenting.

Taking place annually since 2010, they have organized the Film Festival on Climate project (film screenings, exhibition of works of art, a football tournament, green party, sanitation efforts, tree planting, community training schools…).
They are also involved in the Women Buissiness Green, a project to support women financially in their income-generating activities.

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