Prix MINI Togo Ligne Roset

TOGO Ligne Roset 03"A tube of toothpaste folded back on itself like a tuba and fixed at both ends, " so called it his creator, the French designer Michel Ducaroy in 1973. A sofa designed "to last longer in fashion", the result of the reflections of its inventor on the possible use of new materials such as expanded era el 'polyester wadding.

Best selling brand Ligne Roset with more than 1.280.000 copies sold to date in 72 countries, is not only one of the leading designers in the years' 70 but, even after blowing his first forty candles, is the symbol of a successful present. Lightweight, universal, multifaceted, craftsmanship, timeless, available in many sizes and can also be accessed in the price.

To celebrate its 40 years, Togo presents a preview by Space Pontaccio during Fuorisalone 2013, with a new coating Alcantara ® houndstooth black and white versions: armchair, sofa 3 seater sofa lounge and mini togo.

Space Pontaccio
Via Pontaccio 18 Milan

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