Togo 3 Places Ligne Roset

Portrait by Aude Audrien

Name: Antoine Roset
Age: 34
Title: Executive Vice President of Roset USA
Location: New York

How would you say Ligne Roset resembles or carries on the historic vision of the company? How has it broken away?

Our business is still 100-percent family-owned; our factories are still located in France, in the same region; our headquarters is located next to the factories, so the management team can check production at any time needed. Close collaboration between production and management and a human management culture are at the root of our company. This, of course, does not mean that we don’t invest in new technology or develop new ways to produce. Improving our production is a top priority, as it allows us to always push the limits of design.

Design collaborations have played a significant role in Ligne Roset's identity and growth since the 1960s, and especially since 1973. Why has the company partnered with outside talents, rather than bringing designers in house?

We started with our own in-house studio, run by Michel Ducaroy in the ’70s, which was a great collaboration. We then thought that if a brand like us wants to represent the best of the design world, it makes sense to work with designers from all over. In deciding to partner with outside talents, we bring fresh, unexpected ideas to the world.

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The Togo Series. Images courtesy of Ligne Roset unless otherwise noted.

The Togo series, by Michel Ducaroy, has been your bestselling product since its introduction in 1973. Why do you think it's endured?

When Michel Ducaroy designed the Togo, it was a revolution. We created a hyper-comfortable, easy-to-move, easy-to-clean, enjoyable sofa made of foam only. In the ’70s, people were used to having feet on their sofas, and this contemporary look was extremely new — yet the design’s underlying qualities are what make the Togo such a longstanding success. Also, Togo is made of different densities of foam and more than 10 pieces, though it looks and feels like one cohesive shape and it takes up to three hours to upholster a Togo sofa in leather. Know-how and quality make a tremendous difference when it comes to the comfort and endurance of the Togo.

What products are poised to be classics alongside Togo?

The Peter Maly bed designed in 1982; Facett and Ploum from the Bouroullec brothers; Philippe Nigro’s Confluences; Nomade Express from Didier Gomez — and we hope many more.

Confluences by Philippe Nigro
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