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... They have known each other for a long time and respect each other very much, but due to our associative history had ended up in different groups. Seeing Pierre, I think Kofi was already convinced, but I still took the time to explain our history, long and short. I opened my laptop and showed photos of our office, principle administrators, board, and then some of our activities in French. I opened our website to show what it can provide and talked about the festival ...

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We walked then to the actual emigration desk where we had to talk through the impenetrable cone-of-silence glass (sorry for all the corny sitcom references – if you don’t understand that one, search YouTube for “Get Smart Cone ...

... red lights. Guy told me the wildcat moto-taxis are crazy but they stick together. If a car driver complains about the driving or any other behavior all the moto-taxi drivers nearby will gather, shout down, intimidate and threaten the driver. It gives them a free hand, and a feeling of respect to be feared; which they are.

After 45 minutes we arrived at Guy’s house and after I greeted everyone and asked their news, we started the study which ...

I checked in and put my luggage in the room then rejoined Guy and Pierre on the terrace where we talked for half an hour catching up on news and such things and where I gave them a small stock of our three new booklets ...

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