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Members of PTPI's Lome, Togo Chapter and representatives from Adakpame Community HospitalChapter Name: PTPI’s Lome, Togo Community Chapter

Project Name: 2014 Global Youth Service Day Project – Adakpame Community Hospital

Number of Beneficiaries: 1, 000+

Project Description: Our Chapter Project Committee works in collaboration with the Community Development Group and the administration of the Adapkame Community Hospital to carry out the community needs assessment needs of which we identify the greater needs of the hospital. We organised the Global Youth Service Day project by donating sanitation materials, electrical fans, septic materials, cleaning materials liquid soaps, dettols, detergents etc to the hospital in Togo. The project was published by the national medias including newspaper and television. After we completed the project, a platform was also hosted by the national TV to reproduce the project with direct interview and discussions by the Chapter President.

Outcomes and Impact of the Project: The outcomes of the project was providing the needed materials to the hospital which is to keep proper sanitation and cleanliness at the hospital and also make patients on admission comfortable with better ventilation.

Reflection on Lessons Learned: Through the implementation of this project, we got to know the difficulties community hospitals go through in this country out of not having appropriate working tools and materials. We are now planning to launch a campaign to raise awareness of such problems to the international world and also ask for materials and raise funds to support such causes especially in the rural communities of Togo. We thank the PTPI for the great impact they are making in the lives of the poor in Africa and the rest of the world through its chapter grant program. We believe we can do greater things together with supports from the PTPI Chapter Grants program.

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