Settings for Togo TV

readysync.jpg1. Setup MyTV ToGo for your mobile device and manually convert a TV show to ensure that everything is working spiffy. For more detail on configuring your device follow a link below:

Pocket PC/Smartphone:
Apple Video iPod:
Sony PSP:

2. Run MyTV ToGo and select Settings | ReadySync to access the Readysync options.

3. If you want to convert all new shows as soon as they are recorded by Media Center (or imported to your PC via TiVo Desktop software) then select "ReadySync turned on, automatically convert all new shows." If you only want to convert a particular series then select "ReadySync turned on, only convert these series shows" followed by the series shows that you which to automatically convert.readysyncstatus.jpg The list of shows is taken from current shows that you already have recorded as well as shows that you have scheduled for recording in Media Center. If a series does not show up then go into Media Center and select that series for recording and run MyTV ToGo again.

4. Press the Save button and exit back to the main menu. You will be prompted, "ReadySync will now automatically convert recorded TV shows for you. ReadySync can also begin converting your existing shows, would you like to do that now?" If you select 'yes' then ReadySync will automatically convert all existing TV shows in your Recorded TV folder. If you select 'no' then ReadySync will only start converting new TV shows from this point forward.

5. When you are not running MyTV ToGo, ReadySync will automatically watch for newly recorded TV shows. You can watch the ReadySync status on the lower taskbar in the lower right corner. Double-clicking on the green ReadySync icon will open a ReadySync dialog where you can get status, cancel the current ReadySync conversion, or open MyTV ToGo.

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