Togolese Community in Minnesota

juvenile-facilities-togo.jpg62741 Co Rd. 551
Togo, MN 55723
phone 218/376-4411
fax 218/376-4489

The Minnesota Correctional Facility (MCF)-Togo is available for use on a per diem basis by all Minnesota juvenile county courts and provides court and social service agencies with an alternative residential program. Average daily population is about 41.

The MCF-Togo offers a three-week program, operated separately for boys and girls between 13 and 17 years of age. It also offers a three-month program for boys. Each program is intended to serve as a treatment resource for juveniles who have experienced failure in the home, school and community.

For detailed information regarding all available Thistledew programs at MCF-Togo go to

Three-Week Program – Thistledew Wilderness Endeavors is a year-round, 21-day adventure therapy program for boys or girls (the girls’ program operates separately from the boys program and has a strong gender-specific focus). It provides students with a safe but challenging environment in which to discover and develop tools for change and personal growth. Wilderness activities such as backpacking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing are used, along with rock climbing and a teams course. Participants also have a four-day solo experience, which includes cognitive skills, finalizing goals and personal reflection. A therapy component helps residents process their experiences and transfer them to real-life situations. Students receive one-half year of school credit in English, one-half year credit in science, and also one full year in physical education.

Three-Month Program – Thistledew Residential Program is available for juvenile males whose needs and interests are met through involvement in group living, school, work, special classes, and recreational activities. A resident’s success is measured through a comprehensive points system included in all areas of the program. Scores provide opportunities for both rewards and consequences. A sense of responsibility is encouraged through a fair and reasonable system of accountability. The last three weeks of the three-month program are devoted to Challenge, a high-adventure wilderness program. Challenge stresses self-confidence, leadership abilities, and the importance of teamwork.

Portage Chemical Dependency Treatment – Portage Chemical Dependency Treatment program is a comprehensive program for boys that addresses all chemical dependency issues. This program provides a chemical dependency and mental health assessment, group therapy, cognitive restructuring, relapse prevention, educational services, and wilderness therapy, all with a restorative justice focus.

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