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Temba Mliswa claims his party has been infiltrated by gay CIA membersTemba Mliswa claims his party has been infiltrated by gay CIA members

A Zimbabwean MP has warned that a number of “gay gangsters” have infiltrated the ruling political party.

Temba Mliswa, a Zanu PF MP for Hurungwe West, made the claim about a number of his leadership rivals under Robert Mugabe.

He told press that Information Minister Jonathan Moyo and a number of his colleagues were “gay gangsters”.

He said: “[Moyo] is directly linked to the CIA. You cannot be part of this organisation without initiation. We know about it and we talk about it every day.

“The role of the CIA is to have close relationships with the security chiefs in the country because that is where you get information.

“The American CIA is a bunch of gay gangsters and you cannot be part of them if you are not one. I have links that talk about Professor Moyo’s gay tendencies.”

He added that the CIA was aiming to de-stabilise the ruling party, saying: “The part is run by a constitutional leader but we are wondering what Professor Moyo is doing in the party when he lost an election. We ask ourselves whether the party has been high-jacked?”

Mr Moyo has since hit back at Mliswa’s “incoherent ranting”.

He said: “What has happened to Britain? They have grown small in mind, small intellect. Ideology gone!

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