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It might only look small on a map but underestimate Togo at your own peril. The nightlife, the best beaches and amazing eats – this is every thing you need to know about Togo to go.

Capital: Lome
Population: 5.2 million
Economy: GDP $5368 billion – 148th, GDP Per Capita – $826 – 173rd
Human Development Index: .499 – 159th
Sport Trivia: Earlier this year tragedy struck the Togolese football team on their way to the African Cup of Nations in Angola when their team bus was fired upon by rebel groups in Angola’s Cabinda region. The team subsequently withdrew from the tournament, in mourning of the event and the death of the team’s reserve goalkeeper. Shockingly, the team was barred from all African football tournaments for 4 years, penalising Togo players and fans for this tragic event. You might not know much about Togo, but if you know football you know Manchester City’s Emmanuael Adebayor.

Adebayor announced his retirement from international football following Togo’s suspension, but hinted that he may be persuaded to return if the ban was uplifted. Following his couragous action, public support and a broader campaign to overturn this suspension, the authorities have announced Togo will be eligible to play in African tournaments and no penalty will be served. Here’s the full story.

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With a coastline just 50km wide, it’s possible to snooze your way through Togo, but hanging around for the coastline and the rest of the country that lies within is a must. Togo can turn it on with cheap eats, local nightly beats and more motos than you can imagine!

Visa Requirements: Coming from Ghana you could cross into Togo without even realising it at one of the most picturesque border crossings in the world. It’s just 50m from the waves crashing onto the golden sands. Togolese visas which last for 1 week are available at the border for 10 000CFA (15 Euro). You just need to give the details of a hotel in Togo and you’re good to go.

Parlez-vous Anglais? Being one of the countries nestled between the two Anglophone giants of West Africa- Ghana and Nigeria, make some basic English a lot more common amongst Togolese.

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How did we get there: From Accra we grabbed a tro tro (shared mini bus) to Aflao at the border for 8C (4 Euro), including baggage for the 4 hour journey. The border crossing is relatively pain free, but once you pass through the Togolese side you’re basically in Lome, so a taxi into town shouldn’t set you back more than 1000CFA or cheaper on one of the many waiting moto’s.

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