Food to go Burlington VT

While the first day was kind to us, with pleasant breeze and sun, the second day was dreadful. Windy, cold and annoying. Nonetheless, you gotta go what you gotta do. We spend the day strolling around Burlington. It is a lovely city with buzzing downtown with great eating/drinking options. Had the weather been kinder, I would have enjoyed a lot more though. All in all a great weekend getaway. Time to start planning my next holiday! ;)

For all those who are always asking me to smile in my pictures - Happy? :P

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Burlington, VT | Champlain College
Burlington, VT | Champlain College
Africa Heartwood Project .org Togo Seed Rattle - African Seed Pod Shaker
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  • Unique formula of virgin coconut oil and shea butter provides condition and shine without causing buildup or weighing hair down.
  • Lemongrass extract adds moisture and gloss. For all hair types.
  • Naturally Scented with Lavender Essential Oil & Coconut Fragrance
  • All sales help fund enhancement projects in Togolese communities.
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